ADA Testing at COCC

COCC Students

  1. Meet with your faculty member to confirm that you are utilizing the testing center.
  2. Log into your account in Disability Services to check that your instructor has filled out the ‘testing instructions’ form for your class, located on your letter of accommodations. 
  3. Call the Testing Center directly at 541-383-7539 to schedule an appointment for your accommodated test.  Be prepared to confirm with testing center staff which accommodations you will be using for each test.  Some accommodations require up to 5 working days’ notice.  You can review your approved testing accommodations in your Disability Services account.
  4. The Disability Services department can assist you with any of these steps by emailing or calling 541-383-7583.

COCC Faculty

  1. The Disability Services department can assist you If you have not received the letter of accommodations, or have questions or concerns about the testing accommodations.  Contact  or 541-383-7583.