Institutional Success

One of the primary ways COCC evaluates how well it is meeting its mission is by monitoring a meaningful set of Institutional Success Indicators (ISI). The two main elements of COCC’s mission are student success and community enrichment: 

  • Student Success: In fall 2019, the College developed and endorsed three areas focused on student success: Staying enrolled, passing gateway courses and achieving success, with two indicators for each of these areas.
  • Community Enrichment: In spring 2021, the College identified three areas focused on community enrichment: Educational partnerships, business and industry connections, and lifelong learning, with ten indicators across these three areas.

Together, these indicators provide a high-level overview of the College’s progress towards student success and community enrichment, identify areas for needed improvement, and inform institutional planning and decision-making. 

ISI’s are reviewed annually with the result compared to an aspirational but realistic target. These targets are set by the primary departments responsible for the indicator and were determined based on historical performance and/or comparison with state or national peers where possible.